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Stories-Lustre Point Families and Balise Uni Y/A's

These are the families that live in Lustre Point, at the end of the page you can see the Y/A's currently in residence at Balise University.

Singh by wildstar24
Tamal Singh is an angry, broken man. After a business deal he made went wrong, he was forced to betroth his toddler daughter to a local mafia member's son. His wife Mekala was outraged by this, and ran away, taking little Carmina with her. Her betrayal cost him their business, and has put a price on their heads. Losing everything he was once proud of and held dear has left a hollowness in Tamal that he fears. He believes he is getting close to finding his missing family; the hunt is on, but he no longer knows what he should, or will do when he finally tracks them down.

Enrill by ferretlover7lana
When Megan Enrill's best friend Katie Ricard turned up unexpectedly, she naturally took her in. But Megan's sanity has been brought into question, her husband has been tempted away, and her family torn apart. How did this even happen?
Megan was sometimes aware that in college Katie would buy similar clothes to those she wore, or copy the way she styled her hair. Other friends said she should ignore it, that it was a form or flattery. But it seems to have been more sinister.
How will Megan deal with the woman who was once a friend, but is now her biggest enemy; can she convince her family of Katie's true ways, will she find the strength she needs to win them back?

Stanford by ChickFlick9207 
These four families live in the Stanford Building, a tower block apartment, which was built before we had ever heard about the Apartment Life EP. If you have Apartment Life and Mansion and Gardens, you might want to move them out individually from their present version of the lot, and move them into the updated Stanford Building, which is an actual apartment and is available on the Updated and grouped Lots and Apartments page.
Note: If you do this, please send Yuri Sam's husbands urn to the graveyard first, or his character file might 'get lost' during the reshuffle!

Anath Natalee Stanford is heiress to her fathers fortune; she is a self centered snob, but living on her own has made her realise that she has to get her act together.
Zaho Yuri Sam was recently widowed when shortly after moving in, her husband tragically died in a fire. She is mother to Lim Jiang and friends with Anath Natalee. Lim Jiang misses her daddy but quite likes playing in the toilet...
Harrison Livia Cicely and Farrell Gilbert have been married for a long time, Farrell Gilbert has wanted children forever and found himself depressed when they were unable to have any of their own. They have recently adopted Mattie Connor, but will bringing up a child be all they have dreamed of, coming at this stage of their lives?
And Mattie, new to his surroundings is he happy to be in a 'better home'?
CarterShawn Stephan Carter has been trying to catch Anath Natalee Stanford's eye since moving in, but if she ever notices, is he the kind of guy she'd be interested in?

Bains by lechapeau
A messy divorce and years of humiliation have left Lauren with a little more courage, and the determination to 'get herself straight'. along with her teen daughter Ionie, they have moved to Lustre Point. Sadly Lauren is unable to afford any of the nicer houses and has ended up in Dismal Lane.
Ionie is shy, she hates that the girls at school call her names and look down on her because of where she lives, but she knows they will have to remain here for the time being. She dreams of a secluded tower, perched high on a hill overlooking the sea...

Carmichael by wildstar24
Willow owes her fine level of living to her calculating mind and wily manipulation ploys. In her youth, she quickly discovered she had a natural finesse for deceiving people and getting what she wanted. Unable to afford a college education, she took a maid position after graduating high school, and deftly swindled her employer out of a significant sum of money. since then, Willow has continued her "love 'em and leave 'em" scheme, and has managed to line her pockets with cash, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her!

Waynes by simnamedchris
Finally on his own, Rob Waynes was living his dream in the town of Lustre Point. Then disaster struck, and flames engulfed his childhood home, destroying it and killing his mother. His father, David, has had to move in 'temporarily'. The catch is that Rob finally revealed his sexuality, and his father is very conservative. Will Rob's new relationships destroy the one he has with his father?

DeMucho by gyrus
Marco DeMucho lives downtown in his 'Disco Heaven', playing loud music and practicing his DJ skills!

Pearce by bazdez999
Hilda Pearce has set her heart on running a small supermarket from home. Will she be able to rise to the challenge; with bigger businesses all around, will the personal touch bring enough custom to keep the money rolling in?

Smith by mselah

John and Jane Smith live in Lustre Point with their toddler daughter Jackie, and Jane's sister Juliana Doe. They asked her to move in to help take care of Jackie, but with a busy town full of opportunity, can she be depended on, and will Juliana stick around?

Moore by bazdez999
Jamie moore lost his wife when twins Liam and Thomas were born. His teenage son Jerry resents the boys for taking his mother away, this has made him difficult to get through to. Will Jamie be able to talk his son through this, heal the hurt and close the rift threatening the boys future relationship?

Denson by lechapeau
Alicia Denson and Eve Symonds mothers had been friends; growing up together, they dreamed of a life far away in a place they could have fun. They have moved to Lustre Point, and are keen to set up a hairdressing business. Will people like what they do, and appreciate their styling ideas?

Single Sims all living in Lustre Point
All of these Sims live in buildings that are supposed to be, but are not actual apartments. If you have Apartment Life and Mansion and Gardens, their houses are all available as proper apartments on the Updated and grouped Lots and Apartments page.
At the top of the picture, on the left hand side are Jackie Jenkins and Bek Hawkes. At the top right hand side is Jesse Gee, and in the bottom right hand side are brothers Rick and Wallace Mazario.
Each of these have been made by ferretlover7lana.

In the bottom left hand side is Timothy Borak, who he was made by mistwind.

Balise University Y/A's

At the top left, you have Carmel Fontaine and Grant Chase, made by mselah. Next to them on the right are Ruby and Scarlet Vermelho, who are sisters just beginning their university studies. They have come through a personal tragedy, but each are dealing with it differently: one is throwing herself into study, and the other just wants to go wild and enjoy herself!
Lastly, at the bottom of the picture you have Sims from the Sam Pri lot:
Westley Tyler Price has been shipped off to college by his parents, and is making his way through quite well so far. Can he keep his relationship with Buffy healthy, while still maintaining his dream?
Marissa Kristi Samson is a down to earth kind of gal, just wanting to be accepted. But people seem to pass her by and head straight for her sister Buffy; and with the flick of her hair, Buffy seems to have them wrapped around her finger! Can you help Marissa find happiness and acceptance?
Buffy Chantel Samson is a social butterfly, good looking and extremely outgoing, with all of her friends she has anything an adolescent could ever want! But why does her sister bring her down? They've always been close, but now that Buffy is so popular, it seems to be taking a toll on her relationship with Marissa...

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