Sunday, December 11, 2011

All files for Beacon Falls-'Lite'

Update: Oct/Nov 2011 Beacon Falls has been updated for Seasons, it has also been fixed according to Mootilda's HoodChecker program. There have also been cosmetic changes made, Amy Pembroke has had the spelling of her name altered (it used to be Aimee). Sims supposed to have attended university now have extra wants and slots, their diplomas are either hanging on their walls, or are in their inventories. Some memories have been improved, two aspiration levels have been altered to better represent their storylines. The Monoson house has had a slight makeover and job levels and aspirations now match those found in Beacon Falls 'Full'.

Beacon Falls 'Lite'
Beacon Falls 'Lite' requires - The base game/University/Nightlife/Open for Business EP's. (Or any of the later expansion packs)
This version was put together for people having problems downloading the larger file. It contains only the main neighborhood and the main story characters, along with any
sims needed to fill out their story. There are fewer characters and townies than in the full version. This uses the EA/Maxis original Bluewater template, some lots use similarly designed housing, to give a look of completeness. Though these are all decorated and furnished differently.
This version would also be useful if you don't like the downtown or uni we've made, or if you want to create you own! However, if you wish to assemble the Uni and downtown buildings yourself, then they are available separately on the website.

Download Updated_Beacon Falls 'Lite'

This is a Rar file, it will need you to have something like WinRar or Extract Now  to be able to open the file.
Approximately 48Mb in size.

BF 'Lite' Lots and Families
Balise University
This folder incudes three university lots which contain students - 5 Vine Street, Flotsam Halls and Willow Dormitory. The other lots are all empty, please note that the folder doesn't include a secret society lot.
Lustre PointThis folder includes lots specially created for Lustre Point: the main folder contains empty lots, the second folder contains lots with playable families.
This is now one complete download, however the folders within are clearly marked, so that you can delete any you don't want to use. Remember, please do not install University lots to a non university neighbourhood, as this might cause an aging problem right across your town.

Download BF 'Lite' Lots and Families

This is a Rar file, it will need you to have something like WinRar or Extract Now to be able to open the file.

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