Sunday, December 11, 2011

Isle St. Croix - Add-on and Extra Lots

Heartland House
This is an extra lot for Isle St Croix. It was built for a section across the bridge in Isle St Croix that would only be accessible to people using a camera hack.
Ideally, you need the Pets EP for this one, mainly because of the black fence/trim around the staging, however it
will still work without it.
The attached map shows the ideal place on the Island to place the lot to avoid the ground warping, however it is up to you where you put it.
Download Heartland House here

New Isle St.Croix Community Lots
Up2MandG_St. Croix Inn
This is a beach lot, including a restaurant, bar and games tables. This has been built and furnished in a full EP/SP game, and it requires the Mansion and Gardens SP. If you are missing any of the other packs I might have used while putting it together, it should still install correctly and show up in your game, but I would advise you to check and see if any decor needs replacing, or if there are any furniture items missing.

Up2MandG_St. Croix Slopes
This is a lot containing CC, there is a READ ME with all of the information you need. Credit and thanks to Jasana Bugbreeder at MTS for the snowy slide hill, and to corvidophile2 for the small invisible ice rink. This and the larger rink are available at The Sims2 Graveyard, they were formally available at SironaSims, and corvidophile2 asks on their MTS profile for credit to go to that site. I am not sure if items from specific EP's or SP's were used, again, please check before sending sims there in order to replace missing decor or furnishings.
A terrain paint by Cyclonesue@TSR is included with the lot, I used this where I placed the invisible rink to represent the water/ice. If you have a more suitable terrain, or do not want to install this item then please uncheck it in Clean Installer to keep it out of your game. 
 Download both ISC_NEW_CommLots

Note: If you want St.Croix Slopes to be snowy, as shown in the images included with the lot, then I suggest using Pescado's ffs debugger, place it on the lot in build mode (perhaps hide it under a foundation, or in any available roof space). When your sim visits the lot, click on the ffs debuger and choose 'weather', then click 'snow'. Levels of snow vary, and light snow might melt quickly. The hills look good with or without snow, but when it snows heavily it looks really pretty, and adds variation!
To download the ffs debuger, go to MATY, then to The Armory, then in the list find Hack Directory-All Hacks, and choose the one that best fits your game set up.

Map showing the area that St.Croix Slopes and the St.Croix Inn were built for, though as ever, you can place them wherever you like!

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