Sunday, December 11, 2011

Download-Bedding, Paintings and a Lamp!

jeni's Paintings and Bedding

jeni downloaded and played Beacon Falls. She generously made the paintings and bedding for us to share on the original Beacon Falls website (back when it was

The paintings are EA/Maxis recolors and do not require a mesh. The file is dated 2007, they might require OfB or Seasons. This is the original Zip, the files are uncompressed. jeni's items have never been added to the blog here, many 'add-on' files didn't get reuploaded when we changed over, but having gone through my files, here they are if you want them!
Credit and thanks go to jeni, formally @TSR for making the paintings and bedding.

Download jeni's BF Paintings and Bedding

simaddict99's Lighthouse Lamp
The Lighthouse Table Lamp was generously made especially by simaddict99@TSR to put up at the original Beacon Falls website, as a bonus/thank you gift to mark us reaching a total of 500 downloads in 2007. (I think, or it could have been 2008!) But by the time it was added to the site, we had actually reached 1,000 downloads.
The lamp was never added to the blog here, many of the 'add-on' files didn't get put back here when we changed over. But I thought I would add it here again now as another 'Thank you', because in the year the files have been held on Mediafire, and in the time Isle St. Croix has been hosted at MTS (as well as here), the number of total downloads across both sites have again well exceeded 1,000.
I am amazed, truly, I would never have expected that to happen!
Anyway, as the lamp was made for the Beacon Falls team, I feel I ought to be able to share it. Our Lighthouse Table Lamp was a personal gift, and was never released at TSR (although she released a similar garden lamp there a little later on (both look to be resized edits of the EA/Maxis NH deco)).
The file has been compressorized (hence the date on the package). I've searched, but I can't find the original. My thanks still to simaddict99 for her support back then, and credit to her for her work.

Download simaddict99's Lighthouse Table Lamp

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