Sunday, December 11, 2011

Download-Isle St Croix

Update: Oct 2010 - Completely remade, according to Mootilda's subhood tutorial.
Update: Oct/Nov 2011 - checked and found safe with Mootilda's HoodChecker program.

Isle St Croix is a custom made mountain vacation resort for the Sims 2 Bon Voyage. It was designed to complement the Beacon Falls hood, but can be added to any neighbourhood you choose, alongside the existing holiday destinations.
There is now a version of this subhood available at Mod The Sims, the one here is lager than the one there, but otherwise they are both exactly the same.

For your own benefit, and *BEFORE INSTALLING* this neighborhood, please Back-Up your My documents\EA Games folder. If anything were to go wrong, delete your current My Documents\EA Games folder and replace it with the back up.
NEVER overwrite a neighborhood folder, that would CORRUPT THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND MAKE IT UNUSABLE. Isle St. Croix should be safe, this is 'just in case' advice if anything should go wrong.


Nothing else needs deleting/moving or backing up in your Program Files folder, Isle St. Croix will not replace any of your Bon Voyage destinations as it has a different ID and folder number. It will be available as a choice in the list of vacation destinations when you click to choose a holiday neighborhood. This won't affect any other holiday destinations, it is 'as well as' and not instead of any Bon Voyage neighborhood that you currently play.

This default neighborhood has been made with AnyGameStarter using Uni/NL/OfB/Seasons and BV. You NEED to have BV, if you don't have some of the other EP's, the specific items I've used from them wouldn't show up. If you still want Isle St. Croix but have missing EP's, it would be a good idea to check the lots before sending sims on holiday there in order to replace those non-showing things with other wall coverings, floorings and items.

To install
Place the M409 folder into your Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Bon Voyage\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplateVoyage\TSData\ResNeighborhoodTemplate, and *NOT* into your My Documents\EA Games folder.
If you have any problems, please contact lechapeau using the email address at the end of these instructions.

To uninstall Isle St. Croix
Simply delete the M409 folder from your Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Bon Voyage\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate. If Isle St. Croix is already attached to any of your neighborhoods, please note that deleting it from the Program files will not take it away from those neighborhoods. It will just delete this neighborhood from the list of Bon Voyage destinations available in your menu.
To delete it from an actual neighborhood you, will need to use the trashcan icon from within the game.
Isle St. Croix and Prometedor both now contain secret vacation lots, issues we knew of causing problems in certain lots are now fixed. Please see the Read Me file, for further details.

If you are only installing this BV sub district, it should show up in your game once it has been
placed in the correct Program Files folder. If you can't see it in the selection menu then please download
Mootilda's hack. This allows further Bon Voyage sub districts to show up in your menu, rather than swapping out files in order for them to show properly.

Download Isle St. Croix Here

(Approx size 15Mb) All files are in Rar format and you'll need something like WinRar or Extract Now to unpack them.

CREDITS:My latest credits and thanks go to Mootilda at MTS for the advice given, her Subhood Tutorial there, for the HoodReplace and HoodChecker programs.

To cwykes for sparking my interest in making custom default neighborhoods.
To SaraMK at MATY, J.M.Pescado, Numenor for AnyGameStarter, the creators of SimPE and Inge Jones. To Argon and Marvin Kosh, who are also from MATY.
To daisylee at TSR for the SC4 template and for help in testing out the neighborhood.
To Moza at TSR for hosting the Beacon Falls website for as long she did, and also for testing.
I hope you will enjoy using Isle St. Croix!


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