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Stories-Beacon Falls Families

These are all of the families you will find living in the main town of Beacon Falls.

Fairfield by venusdemilo
Michael Fairfield married his college sweetheart Marjorie, they live in her family mansion with their precocious daughter, Morgan. Marjorie loves social gatherings and parties, and understands that having the right connections is vital to Michael's hopes and desires. Michael's aim is to be rich and powerful, he wants to build his empire in Beacon Falls, and Marjorie is eager to help to heighten his profile whenever she can. It's up to you to decide whether his dreams become a reality, or will they come crashing down, crumbling at their foundation...

Enrill by ferretlover7lana

Jon is recently divorced from his wife Megan, and lives with fiance Katie Ricard, his teen son Eric and twin daughters Jessie and Jolie. Katie had known Jon and Megan since their days together at college; Megan hadn't thought twice when 'friend' Katie came knocking, saying that she needed help and shelter and took her in immediately.
Katie might claim the attraction felt between herself and Jon was so strong, that the resulting affair was inevitable. Jon would probably lift an eyebrow, and say that he wasn't quite sure, "it just happened". The children would look at each other, and try to explain that one minute everything seemed normal, and the next their mother started acting oddly, and that Katie "had to keep sorting things out" for her. They were left reeling by the sudden family break up, when after a huge fight, Megan walked out.
Megan's side of things will be told later, in her own story. But what other motives does Katie have?
With her waiting, and eager to for Jon to make a commitment, their future is yours to decide.

Singh by wildstar24
To Mekala, the choice was clear; leaving her husband and taking their toddler daughter Carmina with her was the only option she could take. A business deal which Tamal made had gone very, very wrong, then to her amazement he promised a betrothal between Carmina and a local mafia member's son to pay off the debt! Mekala felt pushed to protect her daughter; she isn't proud of the life she has been forced to live whilst in hiding, but is tired of being on the run. She is fearful of Tamal, and worried at what he might try to do if he finds them.
Tamal remains an angry man, because with Mekala going against him, all he had and worked is now lost, and he claims their lives are now at risk from those out to take their revenge...

Pembroke by lechapeau

Hugh and Valerie Pembroke's eldest son Lloyd died in a fishing accident, during a storm at sea. With the resulting loss of their vessel, fisherman Hugh is having to accept retirement, but will anything he moves onto now ever be quite as fulfilling? Valerie has opened a florist shop and is running it from their home: but as a strong minded woman, well known for her feelings against the people from the trailer park at the back of their house, or other 'newcomers' moving in; will she be able to hold her tongue, and show politeness towards the passing trade she will now have to rely on?
Teen son Eron is in despair, feeling ignored and misunderstood. He isn't dealing well with the emotions that losing his brother is bringing out, and he sits sad and lonely in his room, hating the world. Hugh and Valerie have often worried that their middle son Jared is an unfocused time waster, without a clear thought in his head; always messing around, never settling down or getting a stable job. But are they right? The whole family have changed in some way since Lloyd's death, and there seem to be a few things lately that Jared might be feeling quite serious about...

Lloyd's widow Amy lives in what was meant to be their new home with their two young daughters. She finds Valerie's interference to be annoying, making her even more unhappy as she copes with her loss. She understands that Valerie misses Lloyd desperately, after all he had been their "golden boy"; Amy can see that her mother-in-law wants something to keep her occupied, she means well, but there are some things Amy needs to decide on her own.

Wade by lechapeau

Vincent Wade lives on a clifftop overlooking the sea, shut off from the town below. Unable to put up with the isolation, and brought down by her husband's dark moods, his wife walked out and left some time before. Their son, Mack, also went away after becoming mixed up with 'the wrong crowd'; only returning to drop off his toddler son, Vincent's grandson Nathan.
Now a teen, Nathan has only just been sent to school since social services threatened to remove him from Vincent's care if he continued his absence. He is shy and withdrawn because all he has even known is his grandfather's madness, and this lonely secluded life.

Bradford by ChickFlick9207

Ianthe is a powerful man in politics, and lives with his wife Artemis, teen daughter Kali and toddler son Karan. He is manipulative, and has archaic ideas about what his wife sould or shouldn't do, and would prefer it if she stayed in taking care of his every need. Artemis is shy, she has ambitions, but doesn't quite have the confidence to follow them through.
So, is Ianthe's affair with the maid for real, 'just because he can'; or as he says, a ploy, or set up, which should force Artemis out of her shell?

Winchester by jfade
James Winchester has an enflated ego, and appearances are very important to him. He lives with his patient and understanding wife Joann, who takes the all of the differing personalities of her household into account, and tries hard to keep things balanced! Their stroppy teenage daughter Maxine seems only interested in herself, and in making more friends. Their teenage son Ronald, prefers to keep his distance and likes being the black sheep of the family. Their youngest daughter Dorothy is a drama queen, with some interesting thoughts on how to get what she wants in life!
Also living with them is Joann's sister, 'the mooch' Priscilla, who thinks James is a pushover. James, in return hates giving her house space, and threatens to put his foot down the next time he catches another one of her lovers in HIS house!

Northam by venusdemilo
Judith's career is very important to her, she has moved to Beacon Falls to enhance her opportunities. Her husband Frank is in the police, and is fed up with daughter Andrea getting into trouble, and of him having to bail her out and cover her tracks! Judith is so wrapped up in work that she has let a lot of things slide, including personal relationships. Frank is tired of being taken for granted, and is becoming increasingly close to neighbor Patricia Douglas. Will they find comfort in each others arms?

Douglas by miss_c_Bong
Shawn Douglas is a hard working Doctor, and sees providing for his family as his main priority. His wife Patricia always wanted a good husband, children and a nice home, but sees Shawn spending more and more time at work, chasing the next promotion, and she is starting to feel neglected. Who will she turn to for support and acknowledgement? She finds bringing up their daughters Penelope and Polly, not quite to be the picture of 'happy families' that she'd had in mind. With his wife starting to nag and complain, will Shawn have to give up his own dream to make her happy?

O'Connor by venusdemilo
Coming out of a messy divorce, Patrick has just gained custody of his young daughter Reilly and wants to make a fresh start in Beacon Falls.

Lynwood by veusdemilo
Toni Lynwood enjoys having a good time, and along with teen daughters Dakota, Montana and Nevada, and her young son Arizona, they have moved to the trailer park in Beacon Falls. With no rules or real guidance, the girls are doing badly at school and are wild and out of control. Of the three, Dakota is the eldest and harbors the most anger towards her mother; she goads her sisters into all kinds of mischeif. Dakota has been arrested multiple times for shoplifting and sneaking out, and she loves to party. A string of boyfirends hasn't stopped montana's wild ways,; they've only just begun! And all fun-loving Nevada cares for is having a good time. Is Arizona headed the same way, or is there still hope? Will anyone they meet her in Beacon Falls have a more positive impact on their lives?

Monoson by HazyFlowers
Dirk Monoson finds it hard to keep a job; when he has one, the wages are low and he tends to work away from home a lot. His wife Lo seems to live in her own world, outwardly self centered and only taking care of her own interests. Their teen daughter Daphne feels neglected, she takes care of toddler Lilith the best that she can, but she is struggling to cope.

Venn by HazyFlowers
Madison Venn lives with her teenage daughter Loraine; she has recently adopted Viktorya, a teen with an unsettled childhood who has been in and out of childrens homes. But will Loraine be as accepting of the situation, is this the home Viktorya needs?

Beem by simnamedchris
Stella landed in Beacon Falls and soon met Johnny Beem. They married, and have a teen son Orion, daughter Saturn and their toddler son Venus. However Stella has never been comfortable here, she has never settled and hates her neighbors. Apart from her family, all of her energies go into planning for that spaceship to return, in the hopes that it will whisk them all away again. But can that ever happen, and will the result be the one she expects?

Wentworth by simnamedchris
Ida is a widow and lives alone, her son and his family live nearby but she would like to find a friend, as well as an interest or something else that will occupy more of her time.

Her son Steven and his wife Catherine appear to be a happy couple, they live accross town with their two daughters, Ellie and Hillary. Steven is laid back, but is that a good thing? Catherine doesn't really seem happy, and seeks attention elsewhere. The girls are very different and don't get along well; Ellie is popular and has many friends, she resents Hillary whom she sees as nerdy and boring.

Zante DiVine and Drew Langdon both by lechapeau

These are unconnected
sims, in two different lots with no particular story, for you to do with as you please!

Potter by moza

Taggie and Tabitha are idependant at last, and want different things from life, but in their own time and set at their own pace!

Laquet by mistwind
A rather spoiled young woman, Madeleine has just finished her relationship with a boyfriend. glad to be rid of him, she is now looking forward to romance, parties and having a really good time!

Wright by misswhitneys
David and their son William live for sports; David's wife Emily and their daughter Keira find it hard to come up with things the boys will leave the TV for, that they can all enjoy without the name of their favorite team, or the latest scores cropping up in conversation!

Falls by TeXaSrOsE
Harry Falls was a misguided youth. He met and married Lynz quite quickly, and along with Lynz's young daughter Trisha, he is now coming to realise the responsibility he has taken on, and the pressures that family life are about to bring. Will he make further hasty decisions, or can they work things through?