Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prometedor Add-on's, Alternative and 1 New Lot

Prometedor 3 Extra Lots
The Abode Cafe and Inn (Requires AL) and was made by billybop428 at TSR, Mundo de Agua and Campanas de Boda were made by lechapeau.

Download all 3 add-on lots in one rar file

Smaller Chichen

Alternate Chichen, you can see this
on the left hand side of the picture, it sits on a 3x3 lot, and was made for those whose computers can't take the larger version which can be seen on the right!

New Up2MandG_Recinto Ferial
Requires Mansions and Gardens, but was made with all other EP's and SP's installed. If you are missing any of those, then please check the lots before sending Sims to visit, so that you can redecorate or replace any non showing items. The folder you download has two versions of the same lot: one containing all the necessary CC, and one without it, but with it all in a folder for you to install separately.
You are strongly advised to read the explanation included with the download.

Download Up2MandG_Recinto Ferial

With thanks and credit to Echo for the updated Carnival Set, and for the Pretty Ride-on Carousel, with credit to Hexameter for the carousel sound. Thanks and credit also to Jasana BugBreeder for the Ferris Wheel.

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