Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beacon Falls-'Full Fat'

Update: Oct/Nov 2011 Beacon Falls has been updated for Seasons, it has also been fixed according to Mootilda's HoodChecker program. There have also been cosmetic changes made, Amy Pembroke has had the spelling of her name altered (it used to be Aimee). Sims supposed to have attended university now have extra wants and slots, their diplomas are either hanging on their walls, or are in their inventories. Some memories have been improved, two aspiration levels have been altered to better represent their storylines. The Monoson house has had a slight makeover, and all uni kitchens now have food serving space!

Beacon Falls 'Full' requires - The base game/ University/ Nightlife/ Open for Business EP's, as well as the Family Fun Stuff SP. (Or any of the later expansion packs)

This contains the main neighborhood, along with the University and downtown already attached. There are custom made townies and downtownies, and lots of families with varying storylines. All SC4 templates used are EA/Maxis originals: the main neighborhood uses the Bluewater template, Balise University uses Aridia, and Lustre Point uses Isla Segundo. Some lots in the Beacon Falls main neighborhood use similarly designed housing, to give a look of completeness. Though these are all decorated and furnished differently.

A number of lots placed in the Lustre Point downtown have been used over again, as before this was to 'fill out' the neighborhood. Some of these are decorated and furnished differently, but others are exact copies. People contributing to the community project were enthusiastic, a lot of it was done 'for the fun of it', and not everything is perfect!
If you want alternatives or replacements for the repeated downtown lots, there are some I've made over, and others that I have updated for use as actual apartments. These updated lots are available separately here on the website. They use items from earlier EP's and SP's, and many require up to Mansion and Gardens. All lots are marked to say which EP's/SP's they need.
If you DON'T have some of those EP's, please check the lots before sending Sims to visit otherwise you may find some walls, floors and furnishing missing when you enter the lot.

Download Updated_Beacon Falls 'Full'

This is a Rar file, it will need you to have something like WinRar or Extract Now to be able to open the file. Approximately 113Mb in size.

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